Yacht Management - MSN 1767

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Yacht Management - MSN 1767

Yacht Management – MSN 1767

Yacht Management – MSN 1767. The Merchant Shipping Regulations 2002 (SI 2002 number 2125) apply to all UK commercial vessels exceeding 500 grt.  This Statutory Instrument further explained in the Merchant Shipping Notice (MSN) 1767 are UK LAW and define the hours of work and rest for all seafarers.  This UK Law applies to all commercially operated super yachts including Sunseeker Charter Yachts in the UK and the Mediterranean.  The regulations require the following on all Sunseeker Charter Yachts UK:


  • Every Sunseeker Charter UK  and superyacht crew member must be provided with not less than 10 hours rest in total in any 24 hour period.
  • The interval between consecutive periods of rest shall not exceed 14 hours.
  • The 10 hour period may be split, however one period of at least 6 hours is required
  • The minimum rest should be at least 77 hours in any 7 day period.
In addition records must be kept by the Master and a copy provided to the Sunseeker Charters UK crew member.  An hours of work schedule should be posted in a prominent place and accessable to all crew members.
Port State Control Officers and MCA Surveyors will expect to see this when they come onboard and will record a defficiency if it is unavailable.
Solent Marine Events specialise in the operational management of luxury Sunseeker Charters Yachts in the UK and the Mediterranean.  All our vessels are required to adhere to The Large Yacht Code LY2/LY3.
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